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STK Recipes!

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Chef Andy from STK shows us how to make some of their signature recipes.

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Maya Hale Lenz says:

"Are you formally trained"😂😂 love Wendy !!! #theshadeofitall

Tha Q says:

STD recipes

Sidney Klipklop says:

he`s not wearing gloves while munching the food…eeew

Nyounti Tuan says:

I love this dress

curls under construction says:

So proud of you for eating the cheese! We know you're vegan now, but you were a champ!

Dee A says:

that was really awkward

Pilar Tinjaca says:

Wendy's reactions to food are so authentic, you can really tell this is good food!

kyle nicholson says:

It's a cross between green onion, scallion, and garlic… No… It's not a cross between those three things. It is the garlic version of green onion.

kyle nicholson says:

He is so nervous!

kyle nicholson says:

The restaurant has a dj… coooool.

Dana Richardson says:

What will tomorrow's guest chef cook? what sorry cheap fashions will be spotlighted tomorrow instead of good hot topics and a relevant guest celeb?

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